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Need sand for your heavy construction project? - Only $1 per cubic yard

CONTACT US at  360 673 2325 or marketing@portofkalama.com

As a result of maintenance dredging at the marine terminals on the Columbia River, the Port of Kalama is sitting on a pretty big sandbox! The sand is perfect for large construction, industrial and building projects in the Pacific Northwest and is available for just one dollar per cubic yard to the buyer who can haul it with them (The Port provides loader in pit for the heavy lifting). The clean, coarse sand is available for most any use - industrial construction, road work and maintenance, and commercial building.

The North Port site is rail accessible and only 0.5 mile from Interstate 5 Exit 32.

Loader at Sand Site 

Sand must be purchased during posted business hours.


The Port does not warrant that the sand meets a particular quality or grade nor that it is suitable for any project or product. The sand is sold as-is. The Port provides a loader in the pit for use by customers to load their own trucks at their own risk.